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Looking for a great Christmas Gift?

Gift Ideas we love! Want to get your child something that they’ll love but also develop some sneaky skills along the way? Heres a list of some things we have come across that get the OT tick of approval. Pre-school:

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Classroom Tips Series – Fidgets…How to get the best out of them!

Classroom tips series- Fidgets… How to get the best out of them! With the recent interest around the popular fidget spinners, we thought this would be a good time to add our two cents and provide a short post about fidgets

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Classroom Tips Series – Pencil Grasp

Classroom tips Series – Pencil Grasp As OT’s, we hear a lot about how tech is contributing to kids starting school without some of the fine motor foundation skills required for writing. While the ipad (and other screen based tools)

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Classroom Tips Series – Executive Functioning

What is executive functioning? Executive function is like the CEO of the brain. It’s in charge of making sure things get done from the planning stages of the job to the final deadline. When kids have issues with executive functioning,

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Top tips for staying cool & calm over the holidays!

It’s that time of year again! Everyone has worked hard over the long term and its finally time for a well-deserved break over the holidays. While this may sound great in theory, it’s not the case for many families with

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Tools for School – Kid Link’s first school readiness group

  Our first school readiness group ran for 6 sessions over 3 weeks through January and we had a BLAST! Jake and Jackie ran a group with 6 kids aged 4-5 with the assistance of Kristie, a primary school teacher,

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Let’s have fun and focus!

LET’S HAVE FUN AND FOCUS! Classroom strategies for kids that have trouble concentrating   “Sit Still and Concentrate!” A common oxymoron for kids who love to move or just can’t seem to focus and complete tasks. It could be that

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Back to School with a Bang!

Back to school with a bang!   Getting off to a great start in 2014   With school fast approaching, I thought I would come up with a bit of a list of things to think about and some simple

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So, what actually is OT?

Me: “It’s lovely to meet you guys, how do you think OT can help?” Parent: “Well, I don’t really know what an OT does? My….. said I should come and see you” It’s a common response and one that scares

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