2018 Group Programs

Early Motor Skills (Ruth and Caitlin)        


When: Thursdays and Fridays 11-12:00 (4 sessions, 60 minutes)

Cost: $232

Development of gross and fine motor skills: Core strength, motor planning, hand eye coordination and fine motor skill development. Will also support waiting, turn taking and staying in a group.



Impulse control & self-regulation (Caitlyn and Caitlin) 

Grade 1 to 2

When: Daily for the first week 2-3 (4 sessions, 60 minutes)

Cost: $232

Using different frameworks such as the Zones of Regulation and Alert Program principals to develop your child’s self awareness of impulse control and developing strategies to regulate their bodies.



Early Emotions (Caitlin and Danni)           


When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (excluding Easter Monday)

both weeks 9-10:00 (5 sessions, 60 minutes)

Cost: $290

Learning about emotions, how they make us feel and how to recognize these emotions in others. Also provide play based social opportunities for early social thinkers.



Social Learning (Danni and Ruth)      

Prep-Grade 1

When: Wednesdays and Fridays of both weeks 9-10:30

(4 sessions, 90 minutes)

Cost: $348

Practicing our social learning skills in a group setting through structured and unstructured activities.



Intensive Handwriting Group (Jackie and Caitlyn)  

Grades 1-2

When: Daily during week 2 of the holidays 2-3 (5 sessions, 60 minutes)

Cost: $290

Intensive program to improve pencil control, letter formation and writing speed.