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Classroom Tips Series – Fidgets…How to get the best out of them!

Classroom tips series-¬†Fidgets… How to get the best out of them! With the recent interest around the popular fidget spinners, we thought this would be a good time to add our two cents and provide a short post about fidgets

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Back to School with a Bang!

Back to school with a bang! ¬† Getting off to a great start in 2014   With school fast approaching, I thought I would come up with a bit of a list of things to think about and some simple

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So, what actually is OT?

Me: “It’s lovely to meet you guys, how do you think OT can help?” Parent: “Well, I don’t really know what an OT does? My….. said I should come and see you” It’s a common response and one that scares

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