The Team

KL Team 2 rows

We are a dynamic and close-knit team that aims to support all children and their families to develop confidence in themselves and their own ability to achieve goals. We pride ourselves on only providing evidence based approaches, and believe that the key to success is building strong relationships as well as having an extensive knowledge base.  We are constantly attending professional development events to make sure we always offer consistent and outstanding service. You will leave our sessions with greater knowledge, confidence and a clear pathway to skill development.


Ruth Holley

Occupational Therapist

Ruth started working with Kid Link in 2017. She loves working with children and their families to see a child’s potential discovered. Her friendly and caring personality helps her to build rapport quickly with both children and families, a connection that she values very highly. Ruth enjoys working with the diversity of challenges that children and families can be experiencing and helping to provide some understanding, support, guidance and hope to families through their individual experience.


Caitlin Smith

Occupational Therapist

Caitlin began working for Kid Link in 2017. Caitlin graduated from La Trobe University in 2015, and has both personal, and professional experience in working with children and adolescents, and their families. Caitlin has a background of working with young people experiencing mental health challenges however has a strong passion for supporting children, and young people in addressing social-emotional goals, and sensory processing difficulties. Caitlin is passionate about empowering children, alongside their family and other supports, to reach their full potential, and aims to do so in a supportive, fun, and engaging way. Caitlin’s bright, and bubbly personality enables her to build great rapport with children and their families, something Caitlin believes to be extremely important in assisting children and their family to address life’s obstacles!


Caitlyn Cowie

Occupational Therapist

Caitlyn graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) and began working with Kid Link in 2017. Caitlyn has a passion for enabling children to be as independent as possible within their everyday activities and equipping them with the skills to manage their own emotions and behaviour. Caitlyn believes that therapy does not end once the therapy session has concluded, and therefore is committed to working with families to discuss knowledge, ideas, and strategies that can assist families at home. Caitlyn understands no single approach is the right one for every child or family, and maintains a flexible approach to therapy that is fun and family centred.


Danni Gheorghe

Occupational Therapist

Danni started working at Kid Link in October 2017. She has an undergraduate in Applied Science (Psychology) and a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy Practice from Monash University. Danni is extremely passionate about working collaboratively with children and young people, alongside their families, to reach greater independence and fulfilment. She has previous experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder, particularly in relation to school readiness and social skill development. Danni is a passionate and creative therapist and prides herself on tailoring therapy to suit the needs of the individual and their family.


Samantha Tavrou

Occupational Therapist

Sam has been with the Kid Link Team part-time since 2015 and has extensive experience in Early Intervention and she specialises in supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Samantha loves helping children who have emotional regulation and sensory difficulties and works closely with families to achieve their goals through education and hands on activities. She has a passion for family centred practice and the kids just love her.


Jessica Ryan

Occupational Therapist

Jess joined our Kid Link team in October 2018. She has a bubbly and friendly personality, and is passionate about providing therapy that is fun, strengths based and engaging for children and teens. She is equally passionate about empowering those to reach their fullest potential, and increase their confidence and ability in engaging in meaningful occupations. She loves to work closely and collaboratively with families, in order to support the development of children, and furthermore, make positive impacts to the family home.


Megan West

Occupational Therapist

Megan joined the Kid Link team in late 2018, bringing with her three years of experience working with children in rural New South Wales. Prior to this, Megan graduated from a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) from the University of Queensland in 2015. Megan is passionate about a holistic approach to therapy, and believes in empowering children and their families to become active participants in their therapy journey. Megan has experience working with children and adolescents to develop their social skills, motor planning, emotional regulation, manage sensory difficulties and support them to participate fully within school and community environments. Megan is a friendly and playful therapist who tailors therapy to ensure that it is as much fun as it is effective.


Jake Weatherson

Occupational Therapist

Jake joined Kid Link in 2014 and after leaving for some time to work in the United Kingdom, returned to KL HQ in July 2018. Jake loves working with kids and has been lucky to have worked with a large range of different needs. Jake has a particular interest in behaviour, having over 9 years experience working and volunteering with children on the Autism Spectrum. Jake strives to ensure rapport is established quickly and organically through finding common interests, using humour and just being a big kid himself. Jake is an energetic, patient and empathetic therapist and person who loves working with families to help their child be more confident, competent and happier in their own skin.


Jackie Sikic

Director and Occupational Therapist

Jackie is the director of Kid Link and has a strong background in paediatric occupational therapy, specialising in working with children with autism and related disorders as well as a variety of other disabilities and developmental delays.

She has extensive experience working in schools; providing  one on one therapy, facilitating groups, offering classroom support and running professional development events for teachers and other professionals with the view of optimising inclusion and success for all children. Jackie loves assisting children in developing their confidence and supporting families in learning how to advocate for their child. She has a strong passion for providing a service that is welcoming, fun and goal based. She loves working with the vibrant and passionate Kid Link Therapists and ensuring the service received by families exceptional and consistent, regardless of which team member they see.


Chelsea Willis


Chelsea is the smiling face at reception and also helps behind the scenes with keeping everything running smoothly.  This means we can do an even better job of helping out families as quickly as possible.  Chelsea has a background in business management and as well as working with Kerri with the complex administration and reception tasks. She loves being around families and kids and is happy to help in any way she can.


Kerri Thompson 


Kerri has been at Kid Link since 2015 and has been the driving force behind all admin related requirements since the early days of Kid Link.  Kerri has a background in counselling and administration so as well as being great at her job, also brings a unique passion to the admin role at Kid Link. She would love to talk to you about the services we offer at Kid Link, and help to ease any stress when navigating the complexities of managing various therapy programs and funding bodies.