Welcome to Kid Link!

We are an Occupational Therapy practice based in Mitcham.

We offer a variety of services including individual and group based occupational therapy, family education and coaching, mentoring of Occupational Therapists, professional development, and speaking and consulting.

The Kid Link team sees families with children and adolescents aged between 12 months and 18 years. We aim to build the confidence and competence of the adults who are supporting kids on their journey, whilst also working with the child or adolescent to achieve their goals. This may include support with self care, executive functioning, social inclusion, emotional regulation, sensory processing, motor skills, learning, or mental health. The Kid Link team strives to provide neurodiverse affirming and goal driven therapy in a supportive environment.

We value education, capacity building, and sharing of information and offer many workshops, webinars, and training opportunities for parents, organisations, educators, OTs, and other allied health professionals.

Our services

Our therapy model centres around collaboration and parent/carer coaching, with the aim of building confidence and competence in how to best support their child in meeting their goals.


To be a leading occupational therapy practice who works with communities to create positive change for children.

A place where those who are eager to learn can develop and grow in their understanding, awareness and practice through a clear therapy model.


We build awareness and promote inclusivity through a strengths-based, collaborative approach, that delivers knowledge and best practice across all our business services.